Club Escape Amsterdam and Fairtix enter into a long-term partnership

Amsterdam, November 2023.

Club Escape in Amsterdam and Fairtix officially enter into a long-term partnership. Fairtix is the provider of an online ticketing system, while Escape has been an iconic venue in the Amsterdam and international nightlife for over 30 years. The collaboration includes exclusive sales rights for all events at Club Escape, making Fairtix the official ticket platform for the famous Amsterdam nightclub.

Escape notes that Fairtix has rapidly developed in recent times. "The Fairtix platform is very user-friendly. Creating events is straightforward, as is scanning tickets with the app. Comprehensive settings are available for each event, as well as for the tickets."

Kenn Schipper, director of Fairtix, expresses satisfaction with the partnership. "We have received valuable feedback from Club Escape, which we have used to expand Fairtix to seamlessly align with Escape's needs."

Escape Amsterdam also praises the support provided by Fairtix: "The customer service they offer to us and our clients is excellent. They are always quickly accessible and respond with great efficiency to all questions and requests." Schipper acknowledges that providing fast and personal service is a top priority. "We also want to make a difference in that area. The fast and personal contact we have with them is very pleasant. We are quickly informed via WhatsApp or email and can then respond efficiently. Additionally, the enjoyable way of communicating stands out; it almost feels like you are in contact with your circle of friends.

Escape also mentions the collaboration with Fairtix in the development of new expansions. "They take the time to listen to our suggestions and ideas, and then fully commit to finding solutions that improve our workflow." Schipper gives the club a big compliment in this regard: "In Escape's continuous pursuit of improving the service to their visitors, we are consistently involved. The partnership works so well because we both share that same focus: relentlessly seeking opportunities to optimize the customer experience."

The Amsterdam club concludes: "In short, Fairtix has proven itself as a reliable and valuable partner. We appreciate their dedication to quality and ongoing commitment to improvement. We look forward to continuing the collaboration and are confident that it will result in increased ticket sales and an even better visitor experience."

Frequently Asked Questions about Escape Amsterdam

Until what time is Escape Club Amsterdam open?
This can vary depending on the day and the event. Generally, the club opens its doors at 23:00 and continues until as late as 04:00. For the current opening hours, always check Escape's website.
Is there a minimum age to enter Escape?
Depending on the day and the event, there may be a different minimum age requirement. This generally varies between 18 and 21 years.
How many people can fit in Escape Amsterdam?
In Escape Club, 1,500 visitors can fit. Additionally, there is space for an additional 300 visitors in DeLux and 250 in the Royal Room.