Manage your own ticket types

Do you sell tickets to different target groups? For instance, targeted at age, time of stay, or subscriptions? By using different ticket types, you can easily create this distinction. A ticket type can be customized as much as you like. For example, you can choose what price you charge, where you offer a ticket, and which discount codes you allow.

Time slots

Use time slots and choose how many visitors you want to allow in within a certain time slot. This way you can ensure the maximum number of visitors per slot is never exceeded. Endless queues and peak times can be avoided when you know exactly what to expect on forehand. The scan app automatically takes this into account and only allows QR-codes to be scanned that fall within the current time slot.

Additional questions

Do you want to gain insight into your target group or are there extra things you want to know regarding your event? Ask your visitor numerous additional questions and Fairtix will automatically list everything. Choose how or what kind of answer your customer can give and whether you make a question obligatory or optional. So there is no need to worry about too little information, because what you ask is entirely up to you.

Discount codes

Create your own discount codes in all shapes and sizes. Choose how you want to name a code and how a discount will be given. Create unique discount codes that can only be used by one or few people. You can also choose how often a code can be used.

Different selling points

Create different points of sale for different target groups or ticket categories. For each point of sale you choose what you do and do not allow: quantity, which tickets, which payment methods and which upsales. Of course you can design each point of sale differently with a suitable style and language.

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