Real-time data during your event

Data can always be retrieved with a click of a button. Before, during and after your event, all your data ends up in one clear overview. Use filters and always find the data you are looking for.

Visitors in attendance

Your data can also be retrieved during your event. See exactly which tickets have been scanned, at what time and by which scanning point. Curious about how many visitors are currently inside? By placing a scanner at the exit, you can also see which tickets have already been scanned, and therefore immediately see the number of visitors who are currently inside.

Even more insight

Not only you have insight in how many tickets you sell - see much more! For example, how many tickets are bought per order, who buys your tickets, how much you have in stock, which ticket types are sold most and your turnover. All these insights are available to you in a handy overview, so you won't miss any details and can easily compare events.

Insight into peak times and visitor flows

See exactly how many visitors you can expect at a certain time. This way you know exactly what to expect and you can always anticipate on the expected amount of visitors. Long ques and intense peak moments are therefore no longer an issue, because you already know what you'll be facing.

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